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Personal Mobility Sling
Rescue and Evacuation Device

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Non-Profit Sales

Welcome to Non-Profit Sales!

Welcome to non-profit sales for the Pakkie.  Pakkie.com is proud to bring a product that reduces the stress of transferring.  This sales option is designed for non-profits to make money for their organization while selling the Pakkie.

Make money for your organization!

That's right, you can make a few extra bucks for your organization by selling the Pakkie.  For every Pakkie sold your group could receive up to $15 for each Pakkie.  Sell 10 Pakkies and you could receive $150.  We believe that we can successfully give back to the community while spreading the Pakkie name.

Contact us for more information

Please contact us for more information and to work out a sales contract. 

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