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Personal Mobility Sling
Rescue and Evacuation Device

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Pakkie Friends

Judy Hoit, inventor of the Pakkie - This website takes a look at the accomplishments of Judy Hoit from March of Dimes poster child, to Ms. Wheelchair Iowa, to world speaker and traveler, to inventor of the Pakkie, and more.

Disability Advocacy/Information

National Organization on Disability (NOD) - National Organization on Disability (N.O.D.), has a mission to expand the participation and contribution of America’s 54 million men, women and children with disabilities in all aspects of life. By raising disability awareness through programs and information, together we can work toward closing the participation gap.

The Cerebral Palsy Group - The Cerebral Palsy Group, encourages adults with cerebral palsy from around the United States and the world to communicate with each other.  What is life like in your community? and What challenges have you faced?  and How do you handle situations? are just some of the types of feedback The Cerebral Palsy Group is seeking.

United Cerebral Palsy - United Cerebral Palsy, a leading source of information on cerebral palsy and is a pivotal advocate for the rights of persons with any disability. As one of the largest health charities in America, UCP's mission is to advance the independence, productivity and full citizenship of people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities.

The Muscular Dystrophy Association - is a voluntary health agency — a dedicated partnership between scientists and concerned citizens aimed at conquering neuromuscular diseases that affect more than a million Americans.

American Association of People with Disabilities - American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD), largest national nonprofit cross-disability member organization in the United States, dedicated to ensuring economic self-sufficiency and political empowerment for the more than 56 million Americans with disabilities. AAPD works in coalition with other disability organizations for the full implementation and enforcement of disability nondiscrimination laws, particularly the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Dating/Social Issues

DateAble, Inc. - A dating service with heart; that's why we are here.  DateAble is a unique non-profit social organization for people with and without disabilities who seek new friends and relationships.

Ms. Wheelchair America - Ms. Wheelchair America organization, strives to empower women to achieve their goals and celebrate their accomplishments.  In addition, this website includes information on states that are organizing new pageants and states with existing pageants.


Bender Consulting Services, Inc.  - At Bender Consulting Services, Inc. our mission is to provide superior technology consulting services to our customers while creating employment and career opportunities, independence and freedom for people with disabilities.

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