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Personal Mobility Sling
Rescue and Evacuation Device

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Government Sales

Welcome to Government Sales!

Welcome to government sales for the Pakkie.  Pakkie.com is determined to not only assist people with disabilities, but to aid local, state, and federal governments in accommodating people with disabilities in a safe manner whether it be during everyday situations, and/or emergencies.

People with disabilities have different needs. Spinal cord injuries require total body assistance when being transferred, where an amputee may require minor assistance. "Pakkie" reduces pain and stress for the person requiring assistance.

With the threat of terrorist attacks at an all-time high, three major hurricanes (bringing floods, and tornados) hitting the United States in matter of months, and wildfires out west, emergency services provided by government agencies is being put to the test.

Make sure the Pakkie is part of your emergency protocol!

The Pakkie is perfect for:

Fire Departments & EMS

What happens when you get in a situation where you cannot get a stretcher up a tight and winding flight of stairs?  The Pakkie will fix that problem.  Also what happens if you need to respond to a natural disaster, or terrorist attack?  An ambulance can only hold one, maybe two stretchers, but with the Pakkie's small lightweight design you can easily store multiple Pakkies on one ambulance.


All schools are required to have emergency evacuation procedures for their students with disabilities.  It can become a school administrators nightmare when a student with a disability is on the second floor when there is a fire.  The elevators are not functional so how do you get the student to safety?  This is where the Pakkie comes to the rescue.  This device is great for schools because it can easily be kept in a class room, or a students locker.

These are just a few of the many examples of government agencies that could benefit from the Pakkie. 

For more information and to order:

Please contact us and we will work with you to help find a solution for accommodating people with disabilities whether it be for everyday activities, and/or emergencies.  We offer many pricing options, and volume discounts.

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