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Personal Mobility Sling
Rescue and Evacuation Device

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Welcome to Pakkie.com

Picture of two people assisting person with a disability using the Pakkie.  One person is lifting from the two straps in the back and one person is lifting from the front two straps.

Welcome to the Pakkie.com homepage for the newly patented Pakkie Mobility Sling Rescue and Evacuation Device.  We at Pakkie.com are determined to develop more efficient, and safer ways for people with disabilities to be transferred not only during an emergency, but during everyday life situations.

What is the Pakkie?

A unique harness or sling, designed and created by a woman with a disability, Judy Hoit.

Pakkie personal mobility sling opened up and placed on top of chair."Pakkie" (a mobility transfer sling), allows 2 people to move a person requiring assistance from one location to another. One grasps loops at the knees, a second grasps loops near the shoulders, and in a single action, they lift and move the person to the desired location.

"Pakkie" reduces pain and stress for the person requiring assistance. It is simple and easy to use. There are no moving parts to break or repair.

The "Pakkie" is made of a material that is lightweight (weighs less than one pound), durable, and is easy to store. The "Pakkie" may be sprayed with disinfectants for medical purposes.

Pakkie News

Looking for Sales Representatives

We are currently also looking for representatives from all over the world to help us sell this wonderful product.  Please contact Robert Watson at (301) 343-7251 for more information.

Customer Experience

If you are currently using the Pakkie we would like to hear about your experiences.  Please email Mike McGrath at mike@pakkie.com and let us know how you feel about the Pakkie.

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